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Tiim to go electric, couldn't really find a charger that fitted the bill, also moving between houses really wanted one that could be moved. You can buy the parts, so went for that and built my own.

IMG_20211002_100922_086.jpgThese parts came from Ecoharmony. I went for the one with the more expensive one, which hasmost safety features, including PEN earth detection and 6mA Residual Current Monitor. The EPC 2 basic alows control of the current from 6A to 32A, using a resistor or voltage. Utilising the in future I intend to make it work better with solar panels.



A few mor parts. Crimped connections for better contact and a 32A plug to be able to move it from one place to another. The on/off switch hadn't arrived at the time of buiding.



IMG_20211002_152934_993.jpgMounting the rail and charging socket, plenty of wire on the socket to use in the rest of the wiring.


IMG_20211002_155014_296.jpgInside the EPC a series of switches to be set to cover the various settings.


IMG_20211002_182820_592.jpgThe wiring is simple, just like jioning the dots. Some of the parts need permanent fixing, waiting until electrical test have bee done to do the fixing.


IMG_20211002_193634_129.jpgThe box ready to use.