An olive tree came up on Freecycle, when we got arrived there where actually two and about 2m tall including the pot, They only just fit in the van. For now they are an entrance feature.


Jamie has desided that it is summer and its bbq season, we have plenty of fallen branches, time to try to make charcoal.

IMG_20210328_123749_556.jpgBase layer of wood in place

IMG_20210328_124056_665.jpgFire started

IMG_20210328_124447_763.jpgA smokey start

IMG_20210328_140312_034.jpgLid shut and flames coming out the bottom holes.


These holes are now covered with soil, when we return we will see if we let it burn for the right amount of time before shutting the lid.

Many exciting things today.

First sowing of the year- this will be mustard as green manure in the brassica bed. It also meant the first outing for the rethink our watering strategies this year now that we watering can this year. Although we may have to rethink our watering strategy this year, now that we are actually on mains water.

These are the new raspberry shoots coming through. Looking vigorous which is good, they are one of only four survivors from the 30-odd canes we planted last winter. The others were got by rabbits/mice/badgers.


And since it's St Davids' day we had to have a photo of some daffs.daffodils





And we had to have leeks for tea.


Predicted full suns, started fogy but mainly hot and sunny. Cleared out the junk that made a ladder to the cellar and put the mushroom logs in.

Built a lean too glass protection, which meant getting to the glass in the cow sheds, so a bit of a tidy was in order.

Apricot Frost Protection

Hopefully the apricot blossom will be protected from frosts

A path was laid round the kale, as it been kept for seed, lead to the new roots bed getting created.

New Bed

Roots bed for this year

Changed the protectors on the coppice beech, hornbeam and maple using the  removed ones on the unprotected willows