Youth have been round, broke in and grabbed a couple of crow bars. Demonstrated their intelegence by proceeded to take a wall down, from the inside!!



Got some more fencing


And a very large fig, plus snooker table slate, one day, when there is a workshop, to be transformed into a bar billiard table.


Jamie discovers the trampolineIMG_20210502_104840_736.jpg

Time for another compost bin

IMG_20210502_101005_136.jpgStarted to clear the vegitation from the hole in the wall, maybe we can block it to stop the rabbits?


Up early, with this very dry weather the seed needed watering again.

Found another source of mulch today, sawdust form Wessex Joinery down the road, Popped over this morning and filled the van.



Adde a couple of bags to the blueberry pit, slowly filling up.IMG_20210419_134947_125.jpg


A while ago something drove into the little wall on the entrance bridge, time to fish it out of the ditch and cement it back in place.





We also took the oportunity to fix the gate post, that had been falling over.


Celeriac planted outIMG_20210515_170048_566.jpg